We replaced tipping with a 20% service fee added to all dine-in checks because we want to provide year-round stable wages and benefits for our entire team. 

We know the service fee landscape is confusing so we wanted to provide transparency on the service fee and our compensation structure. 

💼 How it Works

  • By implementing the service fee, we have the legal flexibility to compensate our team and provide substantial benefits.

🔍The Details

  • We guarantee 4 hour shifts for all team members regardless of volume at this higher hourly wage.
    • We pay an hourly wage of $15 to $25 while VA’s tipped minimum wage is $2.13/hr.
  • We pay our kitchen teams well above minimum wage. Our line cooks average 1.5X Virginia’s minimum wage. 
    • Our line cooks average over $18 per hour while VA’s minimum wage is $12/hour.
  • We guarantee 4 hour shifts for all team members regardless of volume at this higher hourly wage. 
    • It’s rare for our servers & bartenders to take home less than $100 any given day.
  • We offer 50% health care contributions for full time teammates. We also offer other benefits such as 401K, 50% mental health therapy and $20 free shift meals.

🌟 Your Generosity Matters

While tipping is not expected on top of the service fee, any additional gratuity you choose to leave is greatly appreciated for an exceptional experience. Feel free to use the optional gratuity line to recognize your server’s exceptional efforts. 100% of the additional gratuity will go directly to your server.

🙌 Join Us in Empowering Fulfillment 🔺

We believe that offering stable wages, comprehensive benefits and fostering transparent communication leads to a stronger, happier team that will deliver an exceptional dining experience that goes above and beyond. Your support plays a vital role in our vision to empower fulfillment for our team, guests and our community. We are dedicated to constant innovation and fearlessly challenging the status quo, always striving to uplift and inspire everyone we touch.

📩 Get in Touch

Have questions or feedback or just want to give your thoughts about the service fee? I’d love to hear from you! Reach out to me at di@hehfood.com and I promise to personally respond to your message.

PS: Here’s a more detailed letter if you want to read more about why we believe in our service fee. It’s really, really long – don’t say I didn’t warn you. =)